Franeker Boppe Eise Eisingastraat

Welcome at our guesthouse "Boppe"

“Franeker Boppe” is located in a beautiful canal house in the historical centre of Franeker. The house is situated only a couple of doors away from the world-famous planetarium of Eise Eisinga. The visitors’ quarters are on the 1st floor of the back part of the house, the former flour-attic of a bakery. (“boppe” is the local expression for “upstairs”)

The accommodation has it’s own entrance ensuring the privacy of our guests. It is furnished for two adults. There is a comfortable bed (180x205 cm) and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Also you will have a sitting area with TV/DVD, a dining table and a small kitchen.

Sorry, we don’t serve breakfast, but de bakery is around the corner. There are also various options for enjoying a breakfast within walking distance.